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PDFWAC 118-30-080

Review periods and procedures for organizations, plans and program papers.

(1) The director or his designee shall review and evaluate documents submitted by a local organization as follows:
- Ordinances/resolutions - thirty work days
- Program papers - thirty work days
- Program paper progress and final reports - thirty work
- Plans and updates or changes - forty-five work days.
(2) The director or his designee(s) shall review and evaluate documents for consistency with criteria established in this chapter and per state and federal guidance for local plans, annexes, revisions; ordinances or resolutions creating organizations; and local program papers.
(3) If the director determines that any document is in nonconformance, he shall notify the local director of the organization submitting the document. The director shall state in writing the reasons for determining that the document does not conform.
(4) The local organization and the political subdivision(s) it represents shall have twenty work days following the date of issuance of the director's notice of nonconformance to:
(a) Change the document to meet state criteria and resubmit it to the state for reconsideration prior to the expiration of the twenty work-day period; or
(b) Schedule a meeting with the director to be held within the twenty work-day period to resolve differences between the organization and the director.
(5) If the director's determinations regarding the document are still adverse to the organization or the political subdivision(s) it represents, the director of the local organization may file a written appeal with the chairperson of the state emergency management council within fifteen work days following the expiration of the twenty work-day period following the issuance of the director's notice of nonconformance. Such an appeal shall state in writing the organization's reasons for appealing the director's determination and shall have appended to the appeal statement a copy of each of the following:
- The proposed document.
- The director's notice of nonconformance.
- Any other letters, documents, meetings minutes, etc.,
that may impinge upon the matter being appealed.
(6) The emergency management council shall have thirty work days from the receipt of the local director's appeal to schedule a hearing and issue notices to all parties.
(a) The council may sustain the director's determination, overturn the director's determination, or amend the director's determination. The council shall issue a written decision statement within ten work days following the adjournment of the hearing.
(b) In hearing the appeal, the council may consider any information supplied by the director, the organization or the political subdivisions it represents, or any other party it wishes to allow to make a presentation.
(7) The local agency shall not be held in nonconformance until the appeal process is complete.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 38.52 RCW. WSR 86-15-068 (Order 86-10), ยง 118-30-080, filed 7/22/86.]
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