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PDFWAC 118-04-180

Responsibilities of authorized officials registering and using emergency workers.

(1) Authorized officials registering emergency workers have the responsibility to ensure those emergency workers meet basic qualifications as stated in these rules. Authorized officials organizing and using emergency workers are responsible for assembling the proper combination of emergency workers with the skills and abilities to accomplish the mission being undertaken. It is acknowledged that authorized officials must use judgment and experience in assessing the scene and the requirements for the mission. Authorized officials shall ensure each team has, among its members, the skills and expertise necessary to safely accomplish the mission.
(2) Local requirements may include more extensive and detailed criteria than are specified in this rule to meet local needs. Authorized officials also may require emergency workers to demonstrate proficiency in the skills required to carry out their assignments.
(3) Authorized officials shall ensure that all emergency workers are aware of their duty to comply with the personal responsibilities contained in WAC 118-04-200. This shall be accomplished at the time of registration and should be reemphasized to the emergency worker at periodic intervals.
(4) The state recognizes that many situations to which emergency workers are asked to respond are inherently hazardous. It is incumbent upon authorized officials utilizing emergency workers to ensure that the workers are not needlessly endangered in mission activities or training events.
(a) Authorized officials utilizing emergency workers for actual missions or during training events or evidence search activities shall not place emergency workers nor shall they allow emergency workers to be placed in unnecessarily hazardous situations.
(b) All prudent and reasonable safety procedures, techniques, equipment, and expertise shall be used to ensure the safety of emergency workers at all times while going to, preparing for, performing, recovering from, and returning from, missions or training events.
(5) In accordance with RCW 38.52.030(3), 38.52.070(1), and 38.52.400(1), the incident command system shall be used for all multiagency/multijurisdiction operations.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 38.52 RCW. WSR 01-02-053, § 118-04-180, filed 12/28/00, effective 1/28/01; WSR 93-23-005 (Order 93-08), § 118-04-180, filed 11/4/93, effective 12/5/93.]
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