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Chapter 110-80 WAC

Last Update: 5/30/23


(Formerly: Chapter 388-27 WAC (part))

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF110-80-0010What is the legal basis of the department's adoption support program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0020What is the purpose of the adoption support program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0030What definitions apply to the adoption support program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0040What are the eligibility criteria for the adoption support program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0050What constitutes a "special needs"?
HTMLPDF110-80-0060What constitutes a reasonable effort to place a child for adoption without adoption support?
HTMLPDF110-80-0070Under what circumstances would it be against the best interest of the child to search for a family that could adopt the child without adoption support?
HTMLPDF110-80-0080Are there other factors affecting a child's eligibility for adoption support?
HTMLPDF110-80-0090How does a prospective adoptive parent apply for adoption support?
HTMLPDF110-80-0100What requirements apply to an application for ongoing adoption support?
HTMLPDF110-80-0110What is the nature and purpose of an adoption support agreement?
HTMLPDF110-80-0120What must be included in an adoption support agreement?
HTMLPDF110-80-0130When must the adoption support agreement be signed?
HTMLPDF110-80-0140If the adoptive family resides in or moves to another state, how is the child's participation in the adoption support program affected?
HTMLPDF110-80-0150When does the adoption support agreement become effective?
HTMLPDF110-80-0160When will department-funded foster care and foster day care payments end?
HTMLPDF110-80-0170When may the terms of the adoption support agreement be modified?
HTMLPDF110-80-0180Does the adoptive parent need to let the department know if the family's circumstances change?
HTMLPDF110-80-0190Under what circumstances are benefits under the adoption support agreement suspended?
HTMLPDF110-80-0200Under what circumstances would the adoption support agreement be terminated?
HTMLPDF110-80-0210What benefits are available to adoptive parents through the adoption support program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0220What factors affect the amount of the monthly adoption support payments an adoptive parent receives?
HTMLPDF110-80-0230What specific department requirements apply to medical services?
HTMLPDF110-80-0240What specific department requirements apply to outpatient counseling or mental health services not covered by medicaid?
HTMLPDF110-80-0250If the adoptive parent requests residential placement services for their adopted child, what department requirements apply?
HTMLPDF110-80-0260What are the consequences of an adopted child being placed in foster care?
HTMLPDF110-80-0270What process applies to a request for modification of a support agreement?
HTMLPDF110-80-0280May an adoptive parent apply for adoption support services after the adoption has been finalized?
HTMLPDF110-80-0290If a child met federal Title IV-E eligibility for adoption assistance before the adoption, but was not placed on the adoption support program, what may the adoptive parent do after adoption finalization to obtain adoption support services for the adopted child?
HTMLPDF110-80-0300What constitutes "extenuating circumstances"?
HTMLPDF110-80-0310What is the effective date of an adoption support agreement that results from a finding of extenuating circumstances?
HTMLPDF110-80-0320If a child did not meet federal Title IV-E eligibility for adoption assistance before the adoption, may the child qualify for adoption support after adoption finalization?
HTMLPDF110-80-0330What is the adoption support reconsideration program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0340How does a child qualify for the adoption support reconsideration program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0350How does an adoptive parent apply for the adoption support reconsideration program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0360What types of services does the department provide through the adoption support reconsideration program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0370What department requirements apply to adoption support reconsideration services?
HTMLPDF110-80-0380Under what conditions or circumstances would a child become ineligible for the adoption support reconsideration program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0390What happens if the state no longer funds the adoption support reconsideration program?
HTMLPDF110-80-0400Does an adoptive parent have the right to appeal department decisions regarding adoption support issues?
HTMLPDF110-80-0410What information about adoption support agreements may be used in an administrative hearing?
HTMLPDF110-80-0420Will the department reimburse an adoptive parent for nonrecurring adoption expenses?
HTMLPDF110-80-0430What types of nonrecurring adoption expenses will the department reimburse?
HTMLPDF110-80-0440Is there a limit to the amount of nonrecurring adoption expenses that the department will reimburse?
HTMLPDF110-80-0450How does an adoptive parent get reimbursed for nonrecurring adoption expenses?
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