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PDFWAC 110-740-0010


"Department" means the department of social and health services.
"Active parole" means all time served by a JRA youth under JRA parole supervision except that time during which the offender is:
(1) Under a JRA warrant;
(2) Held in detention within or outside the state of Washington pending a parole revocation hearing, pending charges or pending a civil commitment hearing under chapter 71.09 RCW;
(3) Serving a term of confinement for a parole revocation;
(4) Placed on seventy-two hour hold status pursuant to RCW 13.40.050;
(5) Placed on unauthorized leave status;
(6) Committed involuntarily for mental health or chemical dependency treatment; or
(7) On temporary assignment status to a county juvenile detention center, a county jail, or to a department of corrections facility.
If no other time is concurrently tolled against active parole per (1) through (7) above, one additional day is tolled against active parole when the offender is subject to:
• A parole revocation initiated by the JRA.
• A seventy-two hour hold in a JRA facility pending a parole revocation hearing.
"Confinement" means electronic monitoring of a juvenile or physical custody of a juvenile:
• By the department of social and health services in a facility operated by or pursuant to a contract with the juvenile rehabilitation administration;
• In a county detention facility as defined in RCW 13.40.020 or in a county jail;
• In a facility operated by the department of corrections under provisions of RCW 13.40.280 or 13.40.285; or
• In another state under terms of chapter 13.24 RCW and of the interstate compact to which the state of Washington is a party.
"Detention" means, for purposes of this rule, temporary confinement of a juvenile pending charges, court disposition or administrative hearing.
"Juvenile parole officer" means a state employee, or person under contract to the state, whose responsibilities include supervising juvenile parolees.
"Juvenile parolee" means a person under age twenty-one released from a juvenile rehabilitation administration residential facility and placed under the supervision of a juvenile parole officer.
"Modification of parole conditions" means a change in the "order of parole conditions" provided by the juvenile parole officer with full knowledge of the change by the juvenile parolee.
"Parole" means a period of supervision following release from a juvenile rehabilitation administration residential facility, during which time certain parole conditions are to be followed.
"Parole conditions" mean interventions or expectations that include, but are not limited to, those listed in RCW 13.40.210, intended to facilitate the juvenile parolee's reintegration into the community and/or to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.
"Secretary" means secretary of the department of social and health services or his/her designee.
"Violation" means behavior by a juvenile parolee contrary to written parole conditions which may result in sanctions that include, but are not limited to, modification of parole conditions and/or confinement.
"Target victim population" means persons who, by age, sex, race, ethnicity, body conformation or coloration or other personal characteristics are consistent with those of a JRA youth's known victim(s).
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