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PDFWAC 110-301-0320

Facilitating child interests, learning, perspective, and productivity.

(1) A school-age provider must work to maximize children's interests, engagement with developmentally and culturally responsive activities, and ability to learn from play.
(2) A school-age provider must maximize children's interests, engagement, and abilities by using techniques such as:
(a) Maximizing learning time with learning materials and products, limiting disruptions during activities, and offering additional choices when activities are completed;
(b) Giving clear instructions and directions; and
(c) Making opportunities for children to learn during transitions by clearly communicating expectations and keeping transitions to a duration that is developmentally appropriate.
(3) A school-age provider must offer developmentally and culturally responsive activities that offer a range of auditory, visual, and movement opportunities by using techniques such as:
(a) Encourage child engagement;
(b) Promote each child's self-help and social skills;
(c) Organized around child interests and ideas;
(d) Allow choice, exploration, and experimentation;
(e) Promote active and play-based learning experiences;
(f) Allow children freedom to move during activities;
(g) Ensure child expression;
(h) Utilize interesting and creative materials;
(i) Offer hands-on opportunities for children;
(j) Provide opportunity for children to direct their own learning and problem solving rather than teacher-directed activities; and
(k) Orient and guide children toward learning objectives.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.216.055 and 43.216.065. WSR 21-10-035, ยง 110-301-0320, filed 4/27/21, effective 6/1/21.]
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