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PDFWAC 110-301-0255

Pest control.

(1) A school-age provider must have a pest control policy that emphasizes prevention and natural, nonchemical, low-toxicity methods where pesticides or herbicides are used as a last resort (i.e., integrated pest management). In areas where local pest control policies are already in place, such as a school district, a school-age program may adopt or amend such policies when developing their own policy.
(2) For any school-age program that does not operate on public or private school premises, a provider must take appropriate steps to safely prevent or control pests that pose a risk to the health and safety of adults and children in and around the licensed space. Pest control steps must include:
(a) Prevention. A provider must take steps to prevent attracting pests including, but not limited to, identifying and removing food and water sources that attract pests.
(b) Inspection. Indoor and outdoor areas in and around the licensed space must be inspected for evidence of pests. A provider must document the date and location if evidence is found.
(c) Identification. Pests found in the licensed space must be identified and documented so the pest may be properly removed or exterminated.
(d) Management. A provider must document steps taken to remove or exterminate pests found in the licensed space.
(e) Notification. If pesticides are used, the school-age provider must notify the parents or guardians of enrolled children what pesticide will be applied and where it will be applied no less than forty-eight hours before application, unless in cases of emergency (such as a wasp nest).
(f) Application. Pesticide must be applied to school-age program space when children are not present. When pesticide is applied, the school-age provider must comply with chapter 17.21 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.216.055 and 43.216.065. WSR 21-10-035, ยง 110-301-0255, filed 4/27/21, effective 6/1/21.]
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