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PDFWAC 110-301-0186

Food allergies and special dietary needs.

(1) A school-age provider must obtain written instructions (the individual care plan) from the child's health care provider and parent or guardian when caring for a child with a known food allergy or special dietary requirement due to a health condition. The individual care plan pursuant to WAC 110-301-0300 must:
(a) Identify foods that must not be consumed by the child and steps to take in the case of an unintended allergic reaction;
(b) Identify foods that can substitute for allergenic foods; and
(c) Provide a specific treatment plan for the school-age provider to follow in response to an allergic reaction. The specific treatment plan must include the:
(i) Names of all medication to be administered;
(ii) Directions for how to administer the medication;
(iii) Directions related to medication dosage amounts; and
(iv) Description of allergic reactions and symptoms associated with the child's particular allergies.
(2) A school-age provider must arrange with the parents or guardians of a child in care to ensure the school-age program has the necessary medication, training, and equipment to properly manage a child's food allergies.
(3) If a child suffers from an allergic reaction, the school-age provider must immediately:
(a) Administer medication pursuant to the instructions in that child's individual care plan;
(b) Contact 911 whenever epinephrine or other lifesaving medication has been administered; and
(c) Notify the parents or guardians of a child if it is suspected or appears that any of the following occurred, or is occurring:
(i) The child is having an allergic reaction; or
(ii) The child consumed or came in contact with a food identified by the parents or guardians that must not be consumed by the child, even if the child is not having or did not have an allergic reaction.
(4) A school-age provider must review each child's individual care plan information for food allergies prior to serving food to children.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.216.055 and 43.216.065. WSR 21-10-035, ยง 110-301-0186, filed 4/27/21, effective 6/1/21.]
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