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PDFWAC 110-301-0085

Family partnerships and communication.

(1) A school-age provider must attempt to obtain information from each child's family about that child's developmental, behavioral, health, linguistic, cultural, social, and other relevant information. The provider must make this attempt upon that child's enrollment and annually thereafter.
(2) A school-age provider must determine how the program can best accommodate each child's individual characteristics, strengths, and needs. The provider must utilize the information in subsection (1) of this section and seek input from family members and staff familiar with a child's behavior, developmental, and learning patterns.
(3) A school-age provider must:
(a) Attempt to discuss with parents or guardians information including, but not limited to:
(i) A child's strength in areas of development, health issues, special needs, and other concerns.
(ii) Family routines or events, approaches to parenting, family beliefs, culture, language, and child rearing practices;
(iii) Internal transitions within the school-age program and transitions to external services or programs, as necessary;
(iv) Collaboration between the provider and the parent or guardian in behavior management; and
(b) Give parents or guardians the school-age program's contact information for questions or concerns;
(c) Give families opportunities to share their language and culture in the school-age program;
(d) Arrange a confidential time and space for individual conversations regarding children, as needed;
(e) Allow parents or guardians access to their child during normal hours of operation, except as excluded by a court order; and
(f) Communicate verbally or in writing:
(i) Changes in drop-off and pickup arrangements as needed; and
(ii) Daily activities.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.216.055 and 43.216.065. WSR 21-10-035, ยง 110-301-0085, filed 4/27/21, effective 6/1/21.]
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