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PDFWAC 110-145-1855

What are the general requirements for managing a child's medication?

(1) Medication must not be used for behavior control, unless prescribed for that purpose by a physician or another person legally authorized to prescribe medication.
(2) Only you, a licensed foster parent, or another authorized care provider, such as a respite provider, are allowed to have access to medications for a child in your care.
(3) You must not use medication in an amount or frequency other than that prescribed by an appropriately licensed health care provider or psychiatrist.
(4) You must not reduce or stop a child's prescribed medication without the written approval of the child's physician. You must report this information to the child's DSHS worker. In addition to the physician, you must coordinate starting or stopping a child's psychotropic medication with the child's social worker to determine what consent is needed. The social worker may need to obtain consent from the child age thirteen or older, the parent, or the court.
(5) You must follow the direction of the agency or court regarding giving or applying prescription and nonprescription medications if you care for children in the custody of another agency, or tribal or other court. If this is in conflict with children's administration policy, you must notify the child's DCFS worker.
(6) You must not give medications to a child that has been prescribed for someone else.
(7) You must keep a record of all prescription and nonprescription medications given to children in care. This documentation includes:
(a) Child's name;
(b) Time of medication;
(c) Dosage of medication; and
(d) Name of person administering medication.
(8) You must obtain a signature from a licensed health care provider within seventy-two hours of obtaining a medication order by phone.
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