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Chapter 110-04 WAC

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(Formerly: Chapter 388-06A WAC)

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF110-04-0010What is the purpose of this chapter?
HTMLPDF110-04-0020What definitions apply to this chapter?
HTMLPDF110-04-0030Why are background checks done?
HTMLPDF110-04-0040Who must have background checks?
HTMLPDF110-04-0050Who is not affected by this chapter?
HTMLPDF110-04-0060Does the background check process apply to new and renewal licenses, certification, contracts, authorizations to be employees at a group care facility, and authorizations to have unsupervised access to children?
HTMLPDF110-04-0070What happens if I do not comply with the background check requirement?
HTMLPDF110-04-0080What does the background check cover?
HTMLPDF110-04-0090Who pays for the background check?
HTMLPDF110-04-0120If I have a pending criminal charge, conviction, or negative action may I ever be authorized to be licensed, contracted, certified, authorized to be employed at a group care facility, or authorized to have unsupervised access to children?
HTMLPDF110-04-0140Will you license, contract, authorize my employment at a group care facility, or authorize me to have unsupervised access to children if my conviction has been expunged, vacated from my record, I have been pardoned for a crime, or I have obtained a CPI or CROP?
HTMLPDF110-04-0150How will I know the status of the background check?
HTMLPDF110-04-0160What may I do if I disagree with the department's decision to deny me a license, certification, contract, or authorization to have unsupervised access based on the results of the background check?
HTMLPDF110-04-0170Is the background check information released to my employer or prospective employer?
HTMLPDF110-04-0180May I request a copy of my criminal background check results?
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