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PDFWAC 106-276-080

Public records available for inspection.

(1) Scheduling of appointments. Public records identified as responsive to a public records request may be made available for inspection and copying during regular office hours by scheduling an appointment with the public records officer. The requestor must review the assembled records, or installment of records, within thirty days of being notified that the records are available for review. The records officer will notify the requestor in writing of this requirement and will ask the requestor or a representative of the requestor to make arrangements to claim or review the records. If the requestor or a representative of the requestor fails to claim or review the records within the thirty-day period or make other arrangements, the university may close the request.
(2) Protection of records. The public records officer will be responsible for providing full access to public records made available for inspection, for protecting the records from damage or disorganization, and for preventing excessive interference with essential university functions. Public records made available for inspection may not be removed from the office without the permission of the records officer.
(3) Copying of records. The public records officer will arrange for copying of any records designated by the requestor and will charge such copying fees as may apply under WAC 106-276-090.
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