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PDFWAC 106-276-050

Requests for public records.

(1) Written requests preferred. Requests for public records of the university may be addressed to the public records officer at the address given in WAC 106-276-040. The university encourages, but does not require, requestors to use the public records request form made available by the public records office on the university website ( Requests made orally, whether by phone or in person, may be confirmed in writing by the public records officer.
(2) Contents of records requests. A request for public records must include the following information:
(a) The name and contact information of the person requesting the records;
(b) The requestor's mailing address, which may be an electronic mail address;
(c) The date and time of the request;
(d) A description of the requested records that is sufficiently detailed to enable the public records officer to identify and locate the records; and
(e) A statement indicating whether the requestor wishes to inspect the records or to receive copies of the records in paper or electronic form.
(3) Lists of individuals for commercial purposes. State agencies and institutions are not permitted to provide lists of individuals for commercial purposes. A request for lists of individuals must be accompanied by the requestor's signed declaration that the list will not be used for commercial purposes. The public records officer may inquire as to the requestor's intended use of the list and may deny the request if it is evident from the request that the list will be used for a commercial purpose.
(4) Assistance in identifying records. The public records officer may assist requestors in identifying the specific records sought by the requestor. With limited exceptions, a requestor may not be required to state the purpose of the request. However, the records officer may ask the purpose of the request if such inquiry will assist in identifying the records requested.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 19-16-061, § 106-276-050, filed 7/30/19, effective 8/30/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.19.050 and 28B.40.120. WSR 78-08-011 (Order 39), § 106-276-050, filed 7/11/78; Order 11, § 106-276-050, filed 2/27/73.]
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