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PDFWAC 100-100-020

Commission duties.

The commission's duties include:
(1) Development of a comprehensive plan and program for celebrating the centennial of Washington's admission to the union:
(a) Representing the contributions of all people and cultures to Washington state history;
(b) Encouraging and supporting participation in every community in the state;
(c) Protecting and preserving the evidence of Washington's heritage; and
(d) Transmitting that heritage to future generations of Washington's citizens.
(2) Development of comprehensive program events commemorating:
(a) The first successful crossing of the Columbia River bar and exploration of the Columbia River, Grays Harbor, and Washington coast by Captain Robert Gray;
(b) The exploration and mapping of Puget Sound and the Washington coast by Captain George Vancouver; and
(c) The exploration and mapping of the Washington coast and inland areas by Captain Charles Wilkes and the great United States exploration expedition.
(3) Development and implementation of a "Return of the Tall Ships" program, designed to:
(a) Develop destination tourism attraction;
(b) Promote the construction of life-sized replicas of "The Lady Washington," the "Chatham," or other vessels which carried members of the Gray and Vancouver expeditions to this region, and other appropriate commemorations of the accomplishments of these explorations, in cooperation with communities throughout the state; and
(c) Locate destination tourism projects in the economically depressed areas of the state if feasible, in accordance with RCW 27.60.045(2).
(4) Development and implementation of a program to observe the two-hundredth anniversary of the United States Constitution and the one-hundredth anniversary of the adoption of Washington's Constitution, including:
(a) Promotion of public education concerning the United States Constitution and the state Constitution;
(b) Development of opportunities to explore the relationship between the two constitutions; and
(c) Cooperation with, assistance to, or sponsoring private organizations which are conducting programs consistent with RCW 27.60.070.
(5) Cooperation with state agencies, private corporations, and other organizations in the sponsorship of "Pacific Celebration '89," focusing on Washington's future relationship with Pacific Rim nations;
(6) Reports to the governor and the legislature incorporating recommendations of programs and activities, no later than December 31 of each year, including but not limited to:
(a) Restoration of historic properties with emphasis on those properties appropriate for use in the observance of the centennial;
(b) State and local historic preservation programs and activities;
(c) State and local archaeological programs and activities;
(d) Publications, films and other educational materials, emblems, decals, and/or other symbols;
(e) Bibliographical and documentary projects;
(f) Conferences, lectures, seminars, and other educational programs;
(g) Concerts, dramas, readings, athletic contests, and other participatory activities;
(h) Museum, library, cultural center, and park exhibits, including mobile exhibits;
(i) Destination tourism attractions, as defined by RCW 27.60.040(h); and
(j) Ceremonies and celebrations.
(7) Biennial funding proposals for presentation to the legislature, including but not limited to development of fund-raising plans requiring legislative authority for this commission to conduct:
(a) Sale of books, documents, and other materials to be published by this commission and/or by contract with private publishers;
(b) License of uses of emblems, decals, or other symbols;
(c) Development of subscriptions at various levels; and/or
(d) Other fund-raising activities or enterprises.
(8) Cooperation with, and coordination of the activities of, state agencies, local governments, historical societies, regional/community/neighborhood groups, nonprofit associations, corporations, labor unions, and other organizations in development of state, regional and local plans for the centennial celebrations, capital projects both new and especially restorative, and other projects and activities, and assisting the foregoing organizations with plans for raising the revenue necessary for their implementation;
(9) Development of a plan of matching grants for historic preservation projects, museums, libraries, parks, and/or other state, regional and local projects intended to be legacies to succeeding generations as may be authorized by statute or executive order;
(10) Sponsorship and cooperation with other organizations sponsoring composition of centennial music, creation of works in the plastic arts, drama, fiction, poetry, and other audio-visual media;
(11) Sponsorship and cooperation with other organizations sponsoring fun and games, athletic contests, and other participatory activities designed to elicit the widest possible interest in the celebration of the centennial;
(12) Acceptance of gifts and grants from government agencies, corporations, other organizations, and private citizens, in accordance with RCW 27.60.060;
(13) Adoption of policy and procedures for contracting and procurement, which shall be published in a contracting manual and made available to any interested person;
(14) Approve appointment of an executive secretary; authorize employment of such other personnel as may be required to accomplish the objectives and purposes enumerated herein; set salary levels for personnel exempt from classified service;
(15) Adoption of a preliminary budget for approval of the governor and the legislature and a final budget which complies with legislative appropriations and governor's directives;
(16) Compilation and use regularly of the widest possible mailing list, including news media, historic societies, government agencies, relevant community groups, and other organizations not only for the purpose of generating interest in the centennial celebration but also as a means of conducting commission business in a public manner;
(17) Establishment and maintenance of close working rapport with the other states whose centennials will occur in 1989 and 1990;
(18) Establishment of standing and ad hoc committees as necessary;
(19) Preparation of and publishing a final report to the legislature and the governor no later than December 31, 1993; and
(20) Conclusion of commission business on December 31, 1993, in an orderly manner and disposition of all documents, records, furniture, equipment, and other assets in accordance with directives from the legislature and governor.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27.60.010 and [27.60.]040. WSR 86-21-084 (Resolution No. 86-2), § 100-100-020, filed 10/17/86. Statutory Authority: Chapter 27.60 RCW. WSR 85-03-011 (Resolution No. 84-2), § 100-100-020, filed 1/4/85.]
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