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Financial institution recordsInspection and copyingWrongful disclosure.

(1) Upon request of the attorney general or prosecuting attorney, a subpoena for the production of records of a financial institution may be signed and issued by a superior court judge if there is reason to believe that an act of criminal profiteering or a violation of RCW 9A.82.060 or 9A.82.080 has occurred or is occurring and that the records sought will materially aid in the investigation of such activity or appears reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of information that will do so. The subpoena shall be served on the financial institution as in civil actions. The court may, upon motion timely made and in any event before the time specified for compliance with the subpoena, condition compliance upon advancement by the attorney general or prosecuting attorney of the reasonable costs of producing the records specified in the subpoena.
(2) A response to a subpoena issued under this section is sufficient if a copy or printout, duly authenticated by an officer of the financial institution as a true and correct copy or printout of its records, is provided, unless otherwise provided in the subpoena for good cause shown.
(3) Except as provided in this subsection, a financial institution served with a subpoena under this section shall not disclose to the customer the fact that a subpoena seeking records relating to the customer has been served. A judge of the superior court may order the attorney general, prosecuting attorney, or financial institution to advise the financial institution's customer of the subpoena. Unless ordered to do so by the court, disclosure of the subpoena by the financial institution or any of its employees to the customer is a misdemeanor.
(4) A financial institution shall be reimbursed in an amount set by the court for reasonable costs incurred in providing information pursuant to this section.
(5) This section does not preclude the use of other legally authorized means of obtaining records, nor preclude the assertion of any legally recognized privileges.
(6) Disclosure by the attorney general, county prosecuting attorney, or any peace officer or other person designated by the attorney general or the county prosecuting attorney, of information obtained under this section, except in the proper discharge of official duties, is punishable as a misdemeanor.
(7) Upon filing of any civil or criminal action, the nondisclosure requirements of any subpoena or order under this section shall terminate, and the attorney general or prosecuting attorney filing the action shall provide to the defendant copies of all subpoenas or other orders issued under this section.
(8) A financial institution shall not be civilly liable for harm resulting from its compliance with the provisions of this chapter.


PurposeEffective date2001 c 222: See notes following RCW 9A.82.001.
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