Chapter 9A.68 RCW



HTMLPDF 9A.68.010Bribery.
HTMLPDF 9A.68.020Requesting unlawful compensation.
HTMLPDF 9A.68.030Receiving or granting unlawful compensation.
HTMLPDF 9A.68.040Trading in public office.
HTMLPDF 9A.68.050Trading in special influence.
HTMLPDF 9A.68.060Commercial bribery.


Banks and trust companies, misconduct by employees: RCW 30A.12.110.
Baseball, bribery and illegal practices: Chapter 67.04 RCW.
Bribery or corrupt solicitation: State Constitution Art. 2 s 30.
Bribery or corruption offender as witness: RCW 9.18.080.
Cities and towns, commission form, misconduct of officers and employees: RCW 35.17.150.
County officers, misconduct: RCW 36.18.160, 36.18.170.
Elections, bribery or coercion: Chapter 29A.84 RCW.
Employees, corrupt influencing, grafting by: RCW 49.44.060.
Insurance, fraud and unfair practices: Chapter 48.30 RCW.
Labor representative bribery: RCW 49.44.020, 49.44.030.
Misconduct in signing a petition: RCW 9.44.080.
Public officers, misconduct: Chapter 42.20 RCW.
School officials, grafting: RCW 28A.635.050.
Wages, rebating by employers: RCW 49.52.050, 49.52.090.