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The definitions set forth in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Customer" means the person in whose name a utility service is provided.
(2) "Divert" means to change the intended course or path of electricity, gas, or water without the authorization or consent of the utility.
(3) "Person" means an individual, partnership, firm, association, or corporation or government agency.
(4) "Reconnection" means the commencement of utility service to a customer or other person after service has been lawfully disconnected by the utility.
(5) "Tamper" means to rearrange, injure, alter, interfere with, or otherwise prevent from performing the normal or customary function.
(6) "Utility" means an electrical company, gas company, or water company as those terms are defined in RCW 80.04.010, and includes an electrical, gas, or water system operated by a public agency.
(7) "Utility service" means the provision of electricity, gas, water, or any other service or commodity furnished by the utility for compensation.
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