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Use of monitoring recommendations in RCW 77.85.210.

In conducting assessments and other studies that include monitoring components or recommendations, the department and planning units shall implement the monitoring recommendations developed under *RCW 77.85.210.


*Reviser's note: RCW 77.85.210 was repealed by 2005 c 309 § 10.
FindingIntent2001 c 298: "The legislature finds that a comprehensive program of monitoring is fundamental to making sound public policy and programmatic decisions regarding salmon recovery and watershed health. Monitoring provides accountability for results of management actions and provides the data upon which an adaptive management framework can lead to improvement of strategies and programs. Monitoring is also a required element of any salmon recovery plan submitted to the federal government for approval. While numerous agencies and citizen organizations are engaged in monitoring a wide range of salmon recovery and watershed health parameters, there is a greater need for coordination of monitoring efforts, for using limited monitoring resources to obtain information most useful for achieving relevant local, state, and federal requirements regarding watershed health and salmon recovery, and for making the information more accessible to those agencies and organizations implementing watershed health programs and projects. Regarding salmon recovery monitoring, the state independent science panel has concluded that many programs already monitor indicators relevant to salmonids, but the efforts are largely uncoordinated or unlinked among programs, have different objectives, use different indicators, lack support for sharing data, and lack shared statistical designs to address specific issues raised by listing of salmonid species under the federal endangered species act.
Therefore, it is the intent of the legislature to encourage the refocusing of existing agency monitoring activities necessary to implement a comprehensive watershed health monitoring program, with a focus on salmon recovery. The program should: Be based on a framework of greater coordination of existing monitoring activities; require monitoring activities most relevant to adopted local, state, and federal watershed health objectives; and facilitate the exchange of monitoring information with agencies and organizations carrying out watershed health, salmon recovery, and water resources management planning and programs." [ 2001 c 298 § 1.]
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