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Implementation planTimelines and milestones.

(1) The timelines and interim milestones in a detailed implementation plan required by RCW 90.82.043 must address the planned future use of existing water rights for municipal water supply purposes, as defined in RCW 90.03.015, that are inchoate, including how these rights will be used to meet the projected future needs identified in the watershed plan, and how the use of these rights will be addressed when implementing instream flow strategies identified in the watershed plan.
(2) The watershed planning unit or other authorized lead agency shall ensure that holders of water rights for municipal water supply purposes not currently in use are asked to participate in defining the timelines and interim milestones to be included in the detailed implementation plan.
(3) The department of health shall annually compile a list of water system plans and plan updates to be reviewed by the department during the coming year and shall consult with the departments of *community, trade, and economic development, ecology, and fish and wildlife to: (a) Identify watersheds where further coordination is needed between water system planning and local watershed planning under this chapter; and (b) develop a work plan for conducting the necessary coordination.


*Reviser's note: The "department of community, trade, and economic development" was renamed the "department of commerce" by 2009 c 565.
Severability2003 1st sp.s. c 5: See note following RCW 90.03.015.
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