Chapter 90.54 RCW



HTMLPDF 90.54.005FindingsObjectives2002 c 329.
HTMLPDF 90.54.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 90.54.020General declaration of fundamentals for utilization and management of waters of the state.
HTMLPDF 90.54.030Water and related resourcesDepartment to be advisedWater resources data program.
HTMLPDF 90.54.035State funding of water resource programsPriorities.
HTMLPDF 90.54.040Comprehensive state water resources programModifying existing and adopting new regulations and statutes.
HTMLPDF 90.54.045Water resource planningPilot processReport to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 90.54.050Setting aside or withdrawing watersRulesConsultation with legislative committeesPublic hearing, noticeReview.
HTMLPDF 90.54.060Department to seek involvement of other persons and entities, meansAssistance grants.
HTMLPDF 90.54.080State to vigorously represent its interests before federal agencies, interstate agencies.
HTMLPDF 90.54.090State, local governments, municipal corporations to comply with chapter.
HTMLPDF 90.54.100Department to evaluate needs for projects and alternative methods of financing.
HTMLPDF 90.54.110Authority to secure and obtain benefits, including grants.
HTMLPDF 90.54.120"Department," "utilize," and "utilization" defined.
HTMLPDF 90.54.130Land use management policy modificationsAdvisory recommendations.
HTMLPDF 90.54.140Protection of groundwater aquifers if sole drinking water source.
HTMLPDF 90.54.150Water supply projectsCooperation with other agenciesScope of participation.
HTMLPDF 90.54.160Department to report on dam safety.
HTMLPDF 90.54.170Electric generation facilityEvaluation of application to appropriate water.
HTMLPDF 90.54.180Water use efficiency and conservation programs and practices.
HTMLPDF 90.54.191Streamflow restoration a priority.
HTMLPDF 90.54.210Department shall act on water rights applications that rely on reservations of water established in WAC 173-518-080 or 173-545-090.
HTMLPDF 90.54.800Policy guidelines.
HTMLPDF 90.54.900Certain rights, authority, not to be affected by chapter.
HTMLPDF 90.54.910Short title.
HTMLPDF 90.54.920Rights not impaired.


Environmental certification programsFeesRulesLiability: RCW 43.21A.175.