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Waste of water prohibitedExceptions.

No public groundwaters that have been withdrawn shall be wasted without economical beneficial use. The department shall require all wells producing waters which contaminate other waters to be plugged or capped. The department shall also require all flowing wells to be so capped or equipped with valves that the flow of water can be completely stopped when the wells are not in use under the terms of their respective permits or approved declarations of vested rights. Likewise, the department shall also require both flowing and nonflowing wells to be so constructed and maintained as to prevent the waste of public groundwaters through leaky casings, pipes, fittings, valves, or pumpseither above or below the land surface: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That the withdrawal of reasonable quantities of public groundwater in connection with the construction, development, testing, or repair of a well shall not be construed as waste; also, that the inadvertent loss of such water owing to breakage of a pump, valve, pipe, or fitting shall not be construed as waste if reasonable diligence is shown by the permittee in effecting the necessary repair.
In the issuance of an original permit, or of an amendment to an original permit or certificate of vested right to withdraw and appropriate public groundwaters under the provisions of this chapter, the department may, as in his or her judgment is necessary, specify for the proposed well or wells or other works a manner of construction adequate to accomplish the provisions of this section.


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