Chapter 90.42 RCW



HTMLPDF 90.42.005PolicyFindings.
HTMLPDF 90.42.010FindingsIntent.
HTMLPDF 90.42.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 90.42.030Contracts to finance water conservation projectsPublic benefitsTrust water rights.
HTMLPDF 90.42.040Trust water rights programWater right certificateNotice of creation or modification.
HTMLPDF 90.42.050Guidelines governing trust water rightsSubmission of guidelines to joint select committee.
HTMLPDF 90.42.060Chapter 43.83B RCW or RCW 43.83.340 not replaced or amended.
HTMLPDF 90.42.070Involuntary impairment of existing water rights not authorized.
HTMLPDF 90.42.080Trust water rightsAcquisition, donation, exercise, and transferAppropriation required for expenditure of funds.
HTMLPDF 90.42.090Jurisdictional authorities not altered.
HTMLPDF 90.42.100Water banking.
HTMLPDF 90.42.110Water bankingApplication to transfer water rights.
HTMLPDF 90.42.120Water bankingTransfer of water rightsRequirementsAppeals.
HTMLPDF 90.42.130Water bankingInput from affected entities.
HTMLPDF 90.42.135Limitations of act2003 c 144.
HTMLPDF 90.42.138Construction2003 c 144.
HTMLPDF 90.42.150Recovery of department's costs associated with water service contracts with federal agencies.
HTMLPDF 90.42.160Adoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 90.42.170Water bankingDepartment must maintain information on its website.