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Such petition shall contain a complete description of the property surrounding said lake with the number of front feet contained in each tract with the name of the owner thereof and his or her address together with a brief statement of the reasons and necessity for such application; that the level sought to be established will in no wise interfere with the navigability of said lake or in any manner affect or interfere with fish or game fish which may be then contained or may thereafter be deposited in said lake, but that in order to protect fish or game fish in said lake the construction of fish ladders or other devices may be required to conserve and protect such fish or game fish, then in that event the property owners to be benefited by the establishment of said water level in such lake shall be required to pay the cost thereof, in proportion to lineal feet of water front owned by each.
[ 2013 c 23 § 609; 1939 c 107 § 3; RRS § 7388-2.]
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