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Claim of right to withdraw, divert or use ground or surface watersFiling statement of claim requiredExemptions.

All persons using or claiming the right to withdraw or divert and make beneficial use of public surface or ground waters of the state, except as provided in this section, RCW 90.14.043, and 90.14.068, shall file with the department of ecology not later than June 30, 1974, a statement of claim for each water right asserted on a form provided by the department. Neither this section nor RCW 90.14.068 apply to any water rights which are based on the authority of a permit or certificate issued by the department of ecology or one of its predecessors. Further, RCW 90.14.068 does not apply to the beneficial uses of water which are the subject of statements of claim in the water rights claims registry prior to September 1, 1997, or which are exempted from permit and application requirements by RCW 90.44.050 and neither this section nor RCW 90.14.068 requires that statements of claims for such uses be filed during the filing period established by RCW 90.14.068.


Severability1969 ex.s. c 284: See note following RCW 90.48.290.
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