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Stormwater control facilitiesImposition of rates and chargesDefinitions.

The definitions set forth in this section apply to RCW 90.03.525 and 35.67.025.
(1) "State highway right-of-way" means the right-of-way for a state highway. The phrase includes the right-of-way of a state limited access highway inside or outside a city or town but does not include city or town streets forming a part of the route of state highways that are not limited access highways. The term does not include state property under the jurisdiction of the department of transportation that is outside the right-of-way lines of a state highway.
(2) "Stormwater control facility" means any facility, improvement, development, property, or interest therein, made, constructed, or acquired for the purpose of controlling, or protecting life or property from, any storm, waste, flood, or surplus waters.
(3) "Rate" means the dollar amount charged per unit of surface area of a parcel of real property based upon factors established by the local government utility.
(4) "Comparable real property" means real property equal to the state highway right-of-way or a section of state highway right-of-way in terms of the factors considered by the local government utility in establishing rates.


Severability1986 c 278: See note following RCW 36.01.010.
Public property subject to rates and charges for stormwater control facilities: RCW 35.67.025.
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