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Statement of prosecuting attorney.

Whenever any person shall be convicted of a crime and who shall be sentenced to imprisonment or confinement in a state correctional facility, it shall be the duty of the prosecuting attorney who prosecuted such convicted person to make a statement of the facts respecting the crime for which the prisoner was tried and convicted, and include in such statement all information that the prosecuting attorney can give in regard to the career of the prisoner before the commission of the crime for which the prisoner was convicted and sentenced, stating to the best of the prosecuting attorney's knowledge whether the prisoner was industrious and of good character, and all other facts and circumstances that may tend to throw any light upon the question as to whether such prisoner is capable of again becoming a good citizen.
[ 1992 c 7 § 23; 1929 c 158 § 1; RRS § 10254.]


Reviser's note: This section and RCW 9.95.032 antedate the 1935 act (1935 c 114) that created the board of prison terms and paroles. They were not expressly repealed thereby, although part of section 2 of the 1935 act (RCW 9.95.030) contains similar provisions. The effect of 1935 c 114 (as amended) upon other unrepealed prior laws is discussed in Lindsey v. Superior Court, 33 Wn.2d 94 (1949) at pp 99-100.
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