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Misconduct of officer drawing jury.

Every person charged by law with the preparation of any jury list or list of names from which any jury is to be drawn, and every person authorized by law to assist at the drawing of a grand or petit jury to attend a court or term of court or to try any cause or issue, who shall
(1) Place in any such list any name at the request or solicitation, direct or indirect, of any person; or
(2) Designedly put upon the list of jurors, as having been drawn, any name which was not lawfully drawn for that purpose; or
(3) Designedly omit to place upon such list any name which was lawfully drawn; or
(4) Designedly sign or certify a list of such jurors as having been drawn which were not lawfully drawn; or
(5) Designedly and wrongfully withdraw from the box or other receptacle for the ballots containing the names of such jurors any paper or ballot lawfully placed or belonging there and containing the name of a juror, or omit to place therein any name lawfully drawn or designated, or place therein a paper or ballot containing the name of a person not lawfully drawn and designated as a juror; or
(6) In drawing or impanelling such jury, do any act which is unfair, partial or improper in any respect;
Shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.
[ 1909 c 249 § 75; Code 1881 § 922; 1854 p 94 § 107; RRS § 2327.]
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