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Civil action to collect fees, interest, penalties, or taxWrit of attachmentRecords as evidence.

At any time within five years after any amount of fees, interest, penalties, or tax which is imposed pursuant to this chapter, or rules adopted pursuant thereto, shall become due and payable, the attorney general, on behalf of the commission, may bring a civil action in the courts of this state, or any other state, or of the United States, to collect the amount delinquent, together with penalties and interest: PROVIDED, That where the tax is one imposed by a county, city or town under RCW 9.46.110, any such action shall be brought by that county, city or town on its own behalf. An action may be brought whether or not the person owing the amount is at such time a licensee pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
If such an action is brought in the courts of this state, a writ of attachment may be issued and no bond or affidavit prior to the issuance thereof shall be required. In all actions in this state, the records of the commission, or the appropriate county, city or town, shall be prima facie evidence of the determination of the tax due or the amount of the delinquency.


Severability1981 c 139: See note following RCW 9.46.070.
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