Chapter 9.38 RCW



HTMLPDF 9.38.010False representation concerning credit.
HTMLPDF 9.38.015False statement by deposit account applicant.
HTMLPDF 9.38.020False representation concerning title.
HTMLPDF 9.38.060Digital signature violations.


Domestic insurers, corrupt practices: RCW 48.06.190.
falsification by voters: Chapter 29A.84 RCW.
initiative and referendum petitions: RCW 29A.84.230.
recall petitions: Chapter 29A.56 RCW.
Employment, obtaining by false recommendation: RCW 49.44.040.
Food, drugs, and cosmetics: Chapter 69.04 RCW.
Fraud: Chapter 9A.60 RCW.
Honey act, falsification: RCW 69.28.180.
Insurance, unfair practices: Chapter 48.30 RCW.
Liquor permit falsification: RCW 66.20.200.
Marriage affidavit: RCW 26.04.210.
Motor vehicles, certificates of title: RCW 46.12.750.
Pharmacy licensing: RCW 18.64.250.
Public assistance falsification: RCW 74.08.055.
Warehouse receipts and documents, falsifying: Chapter 22.32 RCW.