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General purposes of district.

Such reclamation districts may be organized or maintained for any or all the following general purposes:
(1) The construction or purchase and the operation and maintenance of dams, power and pumping works, transmission power lines, reservoirs, pipe lines, and other works or parts of same for the irrigation of lands within the operation of the district or districts and for the transmission and sale of power generated by such works.
(2) The reconstruction, repair or improvement of existing irrigation works.
(3) The operation or maintenance of existing irrigation works.
(4) The construction, reconstruction, repair or maintenance of a system of diverting canals or conduits, from a natural source of water supply to the point of individual distribution for irrigation purposes.
(5) The execution and performance of any contract authorized by law with any department of the United States or any state therein for power, reclamation and irrigation purposes.
(6) The performance of all things necessary to enable the district or districts to exercise the powers granted in this chapter.
(7) That no permits or licenses for the appropriation of water for irrigation and/or power purposes shall be granted by the state of Washington which will interfere with the irrigation and/or power requirements of the district or districts created under this chapter.
[ 1933 c 149 § 3; 1927 c 254 § 3; RRS § 7402-3. Formerly RCW 89.20.030 and 89.20.040, part.]
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