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State landsTerms and conditions of sale.

If state lands within a district have been segregated into farm units and the appraised value thereof established, the state shall recognize and accept the appraisal as determining the market value of such lands, and shall offer the state lands for sale for cash on the following terms and conditions:
(1) Sales shall be made only at the appraised value; (2) only the number of farm units or acreage specified by applicable federal law as not being excess lands shall be sold to any person or family; (3) applicants for the purchase of a farm unit shall be selected, as nearly as practicable, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (C) of section 4 of the act of congress of December 5, 1924 (43 Stat. 702); and (4) each applicant shall be required to execute a recordable contract within six months from the date the state's conveyance or contract to convey is made, whichever is the earlier, if such a contract is required as a condition to the delivery of water under the terms of the district's repayment contract with the United States; except as the carrying out of any such terms or conditions as to particular state lands may be precluded by provisions of the state Constitution.
The state shall cooperate with the secretary in carrying out the purposes of this chapter and in connection therewith, may execute recordable contracts covering any state lands and such other agreements as are necessary in connection with the administration of this chapter.
[ 1957 c 165 § 4; 1951 c 200 § 3; 1943 c 275 § 10; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 7525-29.]
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