Chapter 88.32 RCW



HTMLPDF 88.32.010Districts authorized.
HTMLPDF 88.32.020Improvement commissionAppointmentOath.
HTMLPDF 88.32.030Improvement commissionNotification of appointmentOrganization.
HTMLPDF 88.32.040Establishment of assessment districtAssessmentsState lands.
HTMLPDF 88.32.060Assessment roll.
HTMLPDF 88.32.070Hearing on rollDateNotice.
HTMLPDF 88.32.080Hearing on rollObjectionsCertification for collection.
HTMLPDF 88.32.090Appeal from final assessment.
HTMLPDF 88.32.100Lien of assessmentCollectionPaymentInterest.
HTMLPDF 88.32.130Local improvement fundDisbursements.
HTMLPDF 88.32.140BondsIssuanceSaleForm.
HTMLPDF 88.32.160BondsExecution.
HTMLPDF 88.32.170Payment in fullCalls for bonds, noticeBond owners' rights.
HTMLPDF 88.32.180Improvement by counties jointly.
HTMLPDF 88.32.190Improvement by counties jointlyProcedure.
HTMLPDF 88.32.200Improvement by counties jointlyJoint board of equalization.
HTMLPDF 88.32.210Improvement by counties jointlyJoint assessment rollFiling, appeals, subsequent proceedings.
HTMLPDF 88.32.220Improvement by counties jointlyExpenses of joint board.
HTMLPDF 88.32.230Joint aid river and harbor improvementsBondsElection.
HTMLPDF 88.32.235Joint aid river and harbor improvementsDeclared county purpose.
HTMLPDF 88.32.240Joint planning for improvement of navigable riverDevelopment of river valley.
HTMLPDF 88.32.250Joint planning for improvement of navigable riverContractJoint board to control and direct work.


Construction projects in state waters: Chapter 77.55 RCW.
Flood control: Title 86 RCW.
Harbor improvement fund abolished: RCW 43.79.330.
Harbor improvements in port districts: Chapters 53.08 and 53.20 RCW.
Harbor line commission: State Constitution Art. 15 s 1 (Amendment 15); RCW 79.115.010.
Harbors and tide waters: State Constitution Art. 15.
Joint canal construction: RCW 36.64.060.
Port districts, powers of, as to harbor improvements: Chapters 53.08 and 53.20 RCW.
Powers of
first-class cities: RCW 35.22.280.
noncharter code cities and charter code cities: RCW 35A.11.020.
second-class cities: RCW 35.23.440.
River improvement by counties: Chapters 86.12 and 86.13 RCW.