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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Department" means the department of labor and industries.
(2) "Carrying passengers or cargo" means the transporting of any person or persons or cargo on a vessel for a fee or other consideration.
(3) "Charter boat" means a vessel or barge operating on state waters that is not inspected or licensed by the United States coast guard and over which the United States coast guard does not exercise jurisdiction and which is rented, leased, or chartered to carry more than six persons or cargo.
(4) "Equipment" means a system, part, or component of a vessel as originally manufactured, or a system, part, or component manufactured or sold for replacement, repair, or improvement of a system, part, or component of a vessel; an accessory or equipment for, or appurtenance to a vessel; or a marine safety article, accessory, or equipment, including radio equipment, intended for use by a person on board a vessel.
(5) "State waters" means all waters within the territorial limits of the state of Washington, and not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States coast guard.
(6) "Operate" means to start or operate any engine which propels a vessel, or to physically control the motion, direction, or speed of a vessel.
(7) "Owner" means a person who claims lawful possession of a vessel by virtue of legal title or an equitable interest in a vessel which entitles that person to possession of the vessel; but does not include charterers and lessees.
(8) "Passenger" means a person carried on board a charter boat except:
(a) The owner of the vessel or the owner's agent; or
(b) The captain and members of the vessel's crew.
(9) "Operator's license" means a vessel operator's license issued by the United States coast guard or department for the specified tonnage and operational waters of the vessel.
(10) "Vessel" means every description of motorized watercraft, other than a bare-boat charter boat, seaplane, or sailboat, used or capable of being used to transport more than six passengers or cargo on water for rent, lease, or hire.
(11) "Bare-boat charter" means the unconditional lease, rental, or charter of a boat by the owner, or his or her agent, to a person who by written agreement, or contract, assumes all responsibility and liability for the operation, navigation, and provisioning of the boat during the term of the agreement or contract, except when a captain or crew is required or provided by the owner or owner's agents to be hired by the charterer to operate the vessel.
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