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Board created among entities using Yakima river and tributariesCoordination with federal and state programs.

A board of joint control created among irrigation entities utilizing waters of the Yakima river and tributaries shall, when undertaking water conservation projects, fully coordinate those projects with federal and state programs adopted under the Yakima river basin water enhancement project, P.L. 103-434. The projects shall be developed and implemented, consistent with the board's development schedule, within the framework of the Yakima river basin water enhancement project policies and procedures provided by the state and federal governments, as funds are available to the board of joint control for the projects. However, should there be no reasonable prospect of funding for construction by the federal and state government within three years of the date of the publication of the Yakima river basin conservation plan under P.L. 103-434, the board of joint control may pursue the projects under alternative funding programs and conditions.
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