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Determination of claimsCourt orderAppeal.

If the court finds that the provisions of this chapter have been complied with, it shall then determine the validity and amount of the claims so filed. No claim barred by the statute of limitations shall be allowed. It shall separately determine the validity and amount of outstanding bonds with accrued interest, making allowances for any offer of adjustments contained in the bondholders' consent to dissolution, and shall order that all cash in the district's bond fund together with the proceeds from a sale of all the property and rights of the district shall be first applied to the redemption of outstanding bonds with interest; that other cash funds of the district be applied on payment of valid unsecured claims, and the remainder on the redemption of any balance of outstanding bonds with interest. The court shall further order that in the event the district's cash funds together with proceeds from the sale of district property and rights shall prove insufficient to discharge all valid obligations of the district, one or more annual assessments shall be made against the assessable property in the district, as herein provided, sufficient in amounts to discharge all valid debt. The district or any person affected by the judgment may appeal therefrom within ten days of the entry of judgment.
[ 1951 c 237 § 9. Prior: 1899 c 102 § 9; RRS § 7539.]
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