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Transcript to attorney general—Report filed with secretary of state.

If, after the investigation herein provided for, the director finds that the project of the district is feasible, that the bond issue proposed to be certified is necessary and in sufficient amount to complete the improvement contemplated and that the district shows a clear probability of successful operation, he or she shall submit a complete transcript, to be furnished and certified by the district, of the proceedings relating to the organization and establishment of the district and relating to or affecting the validity of the bond issue involved, to the attorney general, for his or her written opinion as to the legality of the same. If the attorney general finds that any of the matters submitted in the transcript are not legally sufficient he or she shall so state in his or her opinion to the director of ecology. The district shall then be given an opportunity, if possible, to correct the proceeding or thing complained of to the satisfaction of the attorney general. If the attorney general finds that all the matters submitted in the transcript as originally submitted or as subsequently corrected are legally sufficient said director shall thereupon file his or her report with the secretary of state and forward a copy to the secretary of the district, to be kept among the records of the district.
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