Chapter 87.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 87.04.010Divisions of certain districts requiredNumberDirectorsWho are electors.
HTMLPDF 87.04.020Director vacancies, how filled.
HTMLPDF 87.04.030New district to be divided by county commissionersObjections, denial, election.
HTMLPDF 87.04.040Petition to divide or redivide.
HTMLPDF 87.04.050Redivision when number of directors changed or new lands included.
HTMLPDF 87.04.055Procedure for adding land to director divisions when new land included in district.
HTMLPDF 87.04.058Application of RCW 87.04.030 through 87.04.055 following merger of minor irrigation district into major irrigation district.
HTMLPDF 87.04.060Time for hearing on petitionNotice, contents.
HTMLPDF 87.04.070HearingOrder of denial or rejectionElection to divide or redivide.
HTMLPDF 87.04.080Election of directorsTerms.
HTMLPDF 87.04.090Levy limitation until water received when federal works or contracts involvedException.
HTMLPDF 87.04.100Certain excess lands under federal contracts, assessment limitationException.
HTMLPDF 87.04.900Chapter supplemental to other lawsGeneral repealer.