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Local improvement districtsIrrigation district L.I.D. guarantee fund.

There is hereby established for each irrigation district in this state having local improvement districts therein a fund for the purpose of guaranteeing to the extent of such fund and in the manner herein provided, the payment of its local improvement bonds and warrants issued or contract entered into to pay for the improvements provided for in this act. Such fund shall be designated "local improvement guarantee fund" and for the purpose of maintaining the same, every irrigation district shall hereafter levy from time to time, as other assessments authorized by RCW 87.03.240 are levied, such sums as may be necessary to meet the financial requirements thereof: PROVIDED, That such sums so assessed pursuant to RCW 87.03.240 in any year shall not be more than sufficient to pay the outstanding warrants or contract indebtedness on the fund and to establish therein a balance which shall not exceed ten percent of the outstanding obligations thereby guaranteed. The balance may also be established from the deposit of prepaid local improvement assessments or proceeds of local improvement district bonds. Whenever any bond redemption payment, interest payment, or contract payment of any local improvement district shall become due and there is insufficient funds in the local improvement district fund for the payment thereof, there shall be paid from the local improvement district guarantee fund, by warrant or by such other means as is called for in the contract, a sufficient amount, which together with the balance in the local improvement district fund shall be sufficient to redeem and pay the bond or coupon or contract payment in full. The warrants against the guarantee fund shall draw interest at a rate determined by the board and the bonds and interest payments shall be paid in their order of presentation or serial order. Whenever there shall be paid out of the guarantee fund any sum on account of principal or interest of a local improvement bond or warrant or contract the irrigation district, as trustee for the fund, shall be subrogated to all of the rights of the owner of the bond or contract amount so paid, and the proceeds thereof, or of the assessment underlying the same shall become part of the guarantee fund. There shall also be paid into such guarantee fund any interest received from bank deposits of the fund, as well as any surplus remaining in any local improvement district fund, after the payment of all of its outstanding bonds or warrants or contract indebtedness which are payable primarily out of such local improvement district fund.


Liberal constructionSeverability1983 c 167: See RCW 39.46.010 and note following.
Levies, amountSpecial funds: RCW 87.03.260.
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