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Board's powers and duties generallyCondemnation procedure.

The board, and its agents and employees, shall have the right to enter upon any land to make surveys, and may locate the necessary irrigation or drainage works, power plants, power sites or power lines and the line for any canal or canals, and the necessary branches of laterals for the same, on any lands which may be deemed best for such location. Said board shall also have the power to acquire, either by purchase or condemnation, or other legal means, all lands, waters, water rights, and other property necessary for the construction, use, supply, maintenance, repair and improvements of said canal or canals and irrigation and drainage works, including canals and works constructed or being constructed by private owners, or any other person, lands for reservoirs for the storage of needful waters and all necessary appurtenances. The board may also construct the necessary dams, reservoirs and works for the collection of water for the said district, and may enter into contracts for a water supply to be delivered to the canals and works of the district, and do any and every lawful act necessary to be done in order to carry out the purposes of this act; and in carrying out the aforesaid purposes the bonds of the district may be used by the board, at not less than ninety percent of their par value in payment. The board may enter into any obligation or contract with the United States or with the state of Washington for the supervision of the construction, for the construction, reconstruction, betterment, extension, sale or purchase, or operation and maintenance of the necessary works for the delivery and distribution of water therefrom under the provisions of the state reclamation act, or under the provisions of the federal reclamation act, and all amendments or extensions thereof, and the rules and regulations established thereunder, or it may contract with the United States for a water supply or for reclamation purposes in general under any act of congress which, for the purposes of this act, shall be deemed to include any act of congress for reclamation purposes heretofore or hereafter enacted providing for and permitting such contract, or for the collection of money due or to become due to the United States, or for the assumption of the control and management of the works; and in case contract has been or may hereafter be made with the United States, as herein provided, bonds of the district may be deposited with the United States as payment or as security for future payment at not less than ninety percent of their par value, the interest on said bonds to be provided for by assessment and levy as in the case of other bonds of the district, and regularly paid to the United States to be applied as provided in such contract, and if bonds of the district are not so deposited, it shall be the duty of the board of directors to include as part of any levy or assessment provided in RCW 87.03.260 an amount sufficient to meet each year all payments accruing under the terms of any such contract. The board may accept on behalf of the district appointment of the district as fiscal agent of the United States or the state of Washington or other authorization of the district by the United States or the state of Washington to make collections of money for or on behalf of the United States or the state of Washington in connection with any federal or other reclamation project, whereupon the district, and the county treasurer for the district, shall be authorized to so act and to assume the duties and liability incident to such action, and the said board shall have full power to do any and all things required by the federal statutes now or hereafter enacted in connection therewith, and all things required by the rules and regulations now or that may hereafter be established by any department of the federal government in regard thereto.
The use of all water required for the irrigation of the lands within any district, together with rights-of-way for canals, laterals, ditches, sites for reservoirs, power plants, sites, and lines, and all other property required in fully carrying out the purposes of the organization of the district is hereby declared to be a public use; and in condemnation proceedings to acquire any property or property rights for the use of the district, the board of directors shall proceed in the name of the district, in the manner provided in this state in cases of appropriation of lands, real estate and other property by private corporations: PROVIDED, That the irrigation district, at its option, pursuant to resolution to that end duly passed by its board of directors may unite in a single action proceedings for the acquisition and condemnation of different tracts of land needed by it for rights-of-way for canals, laterals, power plants, sites, and lines and other irrigation works which are held by separate owners. And the court may, on the motion of any party, consolidate into a single action separate suits for the condemnation of rights-of-way for such irrigation works whenever from motives of economy or the expediting of business it appears desirable so to do: PROVIDED FURTHER, That there shall be a separate finding of the court or jury as to each tract held in separate ownership.
In any condemnation proceeding brought under the provisions of this act to acquire canals, laterals and ditches and rights-of-way therefor, sites, reservoirs, power plants and pumping plants and sites therefor, power canals, transmission lines, electrical equipment and any other property, and if the owner or owners thereof or their predecessors shall have issued contracts or deeds agreeing to deliver to the holders of said contracts or deeds water for irrigation purposes, or authorizing the holders thereof to take or receive water for irrigation purposes from any portion of said property or works, and if the delivery of said water or the right to take or receive the same shall in any manner constitute a charge upon, or a right in the property and works sought to be acquired, or any portion thereof, the district shall be authorized to institute and maintain said condemnation proceedings for the purpose of acquiring said property and works, and the interest of the owners therein subject to the rights of the holders of such contracts or deeds, and the court or jury making the award shall determine and award to such owner or owners the value of the interest to be so appropriated in said condemnation proceedings.
[ 1921 c 129 § 6; 1919 c 180 § 5; 1915 c 179 § 5; 1913 c 165 § 6; 1913 c 13 § 1; 1889-90 p 678 § 12; RRS § 7429. Formerly RCW 87.01.210, part and 87.08.080.]


Bonds of director, secretary or county treasurer when fiscal agent of United States: RCW 87.03.082.
Cancellation of assessments due United StatesProcedure: RCW 87.03.280.
Certain powers of district enumeratedHeat-related alert limitations: RCW 87.03.015.
Certain purposes for which district may be formed: RCW 87.03.010.
CondemnationTitle acquired by district (may be conveyed to United States or state): RCW 87.03.150.
Contracts with state or United States for local improvement work: RCW 87.03.520.
Districts right to cross other property: RCW 87.03.455.
Eminent domain by corporations: Chapter 8.20 RCW.
Federal reclamation laws: 43 USC §§ 371-498.
Indemnity to state on land settlement contracts: Chapter 87.48 RCW.
Reclamation Service may make findings: RCW 87.03.185.
State Reclamation Act: Chapter 89.16 RCW.
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