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Post-organization district electionsCanvass.

No list, tally paper or certificate returned from any election shall be set aside or rejected for want of form, if it can be satisfactorily understood. The board of directors must meet at its usual place of meeting on the first Monday after each election, to canvass the returns. If, at the time of meeting, the returns from each precinct in the district in which the polls were opened have been received, the board of directors must then and there proceed to canvass the returns, but if all the returns have not been received, the canvass must be postponed from day to day until all the returns have been received, or until six postponements have been had. The canvass must be made in public, and by opening the returns and estimating the vote of the district for each person voted for, and declaring the result thereof.
[1889-90 p 676 § 9; RRS § 7426. Formerly RCW 87.01.180.]
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