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Absentee votingNotice of election, contentsBallot and form of certificate of qualifications to be furnished.

The notice of election shall conform to the requirements for election notices provided by Title 87 RCW for the election being held, and shall specify in addition that any qualified district elector who certifies that he or she cannot conveniently be present at his or her proper election precinct on the day of election may vote by absentee ballot, and that a ballot and form of certificate of qualifications will be furnished to him or her on written request being made of the district's secretary. The requisite ballot and a form of certificate of qualifications shall be furnished by the district's secretary to any person who prior to the date of election makes written request therefor, stating that he or she is a qualified district elector. Such ballot and form may be furnished also to qualified district electors in any way deemed to be convenient without regard to requests having been made therefor.
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