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Creation of legal authority to carry out powersMethodIndebtedness.

Two or more irrigation districts may create a separate legal authority to carry out any or all of the powers described in RCW 87.03.015. To enable such a legal authority to carry out its delegated powers, the irrigation districts creating the authority may assign, convey, or otherwise transfer to it any or all of their respective property, rights, or obligations, including, without limitation, the power to issue revenue obligations and the power of condemnation. Such a legal authority shall be created and organized by contract in the manner described in chapter 39.34 RCW and shall be a separate legal entity.
A separate legal authority shall only have power to incur indebtedness that is repayable from rates, tolls, charges, or contract payments for services or electricity provided by the authority and to pledge such revenues for the payment and retirement of indebtedness issued for the construction or acquisition of hydroelectric facilities. An authority shall not have power to levy taxes or to impose assessments for the payment of obligations of the authority. Every bond or other evidence of indebtedness issued by an authority shall provide (1) that repayment shall be limited solely to the revenues of the authority; and (2) that no member of the authority shall be obligated to repay directly or indirectly any obligation of the authority except to the extent of fair value for services actually received from the authority. No member may pledge its revenues to support the issuance of revenue bonds or other indebtedness of an authority.
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