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Comprehensive flood control management planParticipation of local officialsArbitration of disputed issues.

A comprehensive flood control management plan that includes an area within which a city or town, or a special district subject to chapter 85.38 RCW, is located shall be developed by the county with the full participation of officials from the city, town, or special district, including conservation districts, and appropriate state and federal agencies. Where a comprehensive flood control management plan is being prepared for a river basin that is part of the common boundary between two counties, the county legislative authority of the county preparing the plan may allow participation by officials of the adjacently located county.
Following adoption by the county, city, or town, a comprehensive flood control management plan shall be binding on each jurisdiction and special district that is located within an area included in the plan. If within one hundred twenty days of the county's adoption, a city or town does not adopt the comprehensive flood control management plan, the city or county shall request arbitration on the issue or issues in dispute. If parties cannot agree to the selection of an arbitrator, the arbitrator shall be selected according to the process described in *RCW 7.04.050. The cost of the arbitrator shall be shared equally by the participating parties and the arbitrator's decision shall be binding. Any land use regulations and restrictions on construction activities contained in a comprehensive flood control management plan applicable to a city or town shall be minimum standards that the city or town may exceed. A city or town undertaking flood or stormwater control activities consistent with the comprehensive flood control management plan shall retain authority over such activities.


*Reviser's note: RCW 7.04.050 was repealed by 2005 c 433 § 50, effective January 1, 2006.
FindingsIntentPurpose1991 c 322: See notes following RCW 86.12.200.
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