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Voting rights.

(1) The owner of land located in a special district who is a qualified voter of the special district shall receive two votes at any election. This section does not apply to special flood control districts consisting of three or more counties.
(2) If multiple undivided interests, other than community property interests, exist in a lot or parcel and no person owns a majority undivided interest, the owners of undivided interests at least equal to a majority interest may designate in writing:
(a) Which owner is eligible to vote and may cast two votes; or
(b) Which two owners are eligible to vote and may cast one vote each.
(3) If land is owned as community property, each spouse is entitled to one vote if both spouses otherwise qualify to vote, unless one spouse designates in writing that the other spouse may cast both votes.
(4) A corporation, partnership, or governmental entity shall designate:
(a) A natural person to cast its two votes; or
(b) Two natural persons to each cast one of its votes.
(5) Except as provided in RCW 85.08.025 and 86.09.377, no owner of land may cast more than two votes or have more than two votes cast for him or her in a special district election.
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