Chapter 85.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 85.16.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 85.16.020Maintenance estimate and levy.
HTMLPDF 85.16.030Excess expenditures.
HTMLPDF 85.16.060Determination of special benefitsHearing.
HTMLPDF 85.16.070Notice of hearing.
HTMLPDF 85.16.080Appraisal of special benefits.
HTMLPDF 85.16.090Factors to be considered in making appraisalReport and schedule.
HTMLPDF 85.16.110Separate appraisals and schedules for diking and drainage benefits.
HTMLPDF 85.16.115Determining special benefit to portion of lot, tract, or parcel.
HTMLPDF 85.16.120Apportionment of levy for extraordinary expendituresAppraisal and hearing.
HTMLPDF 85.16.130Conduct of hearing on appraisers' reportCorrection, etc., of schedules.
HTMLPDF 85.16.150Approval of schedulesSeparate funds for diking, drainage systems.
HTMLPDF 85.16.160Roll of benefitsBenefits to be basis of levies.
HTMLPDF 85.16.170Levy for extraordinary expendituresRoll.
HTMLPDF 85.16.180Authorizing extraordinary workTemporary construction warrants.
HTMLPDF 85.16.190Judicial reviewRegularity, validity of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 85.16.200Redetermination of special benefitsHearing.
HTMLPDF 85.16.210Conduct of hearing on special benefitsModification of schedulesJudicial review.
HTMLPDF 85.16.220Other provisions shall applyExceptions.
HTMLPDF 85.16.230Erroneous assessmentCorrection.