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Funding bondsCallPayment.

It shall be the duty of the county treasurer of each county in which there may be a district issuing bonds under the provisions of RCW 85.07.060 through 85.07.120, whenever he or she has on hand one thousand dollars over and above interest requirements in the special fund for the payment of said bonds and interest, to advertise in the newspaper doing the county printing, for the presentation to him or her for payment of as many of the bonds issued under the provisions of RCW 85.07.060 through 85.07.120 as he or she may be able to pay with the funds in his or her hands. The bonds shall be redeemed and paid in their numerical order, beginning with bond No. 1 and continuing until all of said bonds are paid. The treasurer's call for presentation and redemption of such bonds shall state the number of the bond or bonds so called. Thirty days after the first publication of said notice of the treasurer calling any of said bonds by their numbers, such bonds shall cease to bear interest, and the notice of call shall so state. If any bond so called is not presented, the treasurer shall hold in said fund until presentation of such bond is made, the amount of money sufficient to redeem the same with interest thereon to the date interest was terminated by such call.
[ 2013 c 23 § 406; 1935 c 103 § 7; RRS § 4459-17. Formerly RCW 85.04.150.]
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