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Sale of unneeded propertyProtestsResolution of final actionConveyance.

At the time set for hearing, or at any time to which said hearing may be adjourned, any district elector within such district may appear and file a written protest against the proposed action of the board, which protest shall state clearly the basis thereof. At such hearing, which shall be public, the board shall give full consideration to the proposed sale and all protests filed, either written or oral and on said date or at any adjourned date, take final action thereon by resolution of the board. This resolution shall provide that upon payment of the purchase price involved, conveyance of the property shall be made by a majority of the board of said district, by deed if the property be real property; by bill of sale if the property be personal property, conveying the property sold to the purchaser thereof, and such conveyance shall pass to the purchaser such title as the district has to the property.
[ 1955 c 342 § 4. Formerly RCW 85.04.552.]
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