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Referral of application to local review boardAgreementApproval or denial.

(1) Within ten days after the filing of the application in the county assessor's office, the county assessor shall refer each application for classification to the local review board.
(2) The review board shall approve the application if the property meets the criterion of RCW 84.26.030 and is not altered in a way which adversely affects those elements which qualify it as historically significant, and the owner enters into an agreement with the review board which requires the owner for the ten-year period of the classification to:
(a) Monitor the property for its continued qualification for the special valuation;
(b) Comply with rehabilitation plans and minimum standards of maintenance as defined in the agreement;
(c) Make the historic aspects of the property accessible to public view one day a year, if the property is not visible from the public right-of-way;
(d) Apply to the local review board for approval or denial of any demolition or alteration; and
(e) Comply with any other provisions in the original agreement as may be appropriate.
(3) Once an agreement between an owner and a review board has become effective pursuant to this chapter, there shall be no changes in standards of maintenance, public access, alteration, or report requirements, or any other provisions of the agreement, during the period of the classification without the approval of all parties to the agreement.
(4) An application for classification as an eligible historic property shall be approved or denied by the local review board before December 31st of the calendar year in which the application is made.
(5) The local review board is authorized to examine the records of applicants.
(6) No new applications may be approved on or after January 1, 2031.


Tax preference performance statement2020 c 91 §§ 1 and 2: See note following RCW 84.26.070.
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