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Annual statement of private car companies.

Every private car company shall annually on or before the first day of May, make and file with the department of revenue in such form and upon such blanks as the department of revenue may provide and furnish, a statement, for the year ending December thirty-first next preceding, under the oath of the president, secretary, treasurer, superintendent or chief officer of such company, containing the following facts:
(1) The name of the company, the nature of the business conducted by the company, and under the laws of what state or country organized; the location of its principal office; the name and post office address of its president, secretary, auditor, treasurer, superintendent and general manager; the name and post office address of the chief officer or managing agent or attorney-in-fact in Washington.
(2) The total number of cars of every class used in transacting business on all lines of railroad, within the state and outside the state; together with the original cost and the fair average value per car of all cars of each of such classes.
(3) The total number of miles of railroad main track over which such cars were used within this state and within each county in this state.
(4) The total number of car miles made by all cars on each of the several lines of railroad in this state, and the total number of car miles made by all cars on all railroads within and without the state during the year.
(5) A statement in detail of the entire gross receipts and net earnings of the company during the year within the state and of the entire system, from all sources.
(6) Such other facts or information as the department of revenue may require in the form of return prescribed by it.
The department of revenue shall have power to prescribe directions, rules and regulations to be followed in making the report required herein.


ConstructionSeverability1975 1st ex.s. c 278: See notes following RCW 11.08.160.
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