Chapter 84.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 84.04.010Introductory.
HTMLPDF 84.04.020"Assessed valuation of taxable property," and similar terms.
HTMLPDF 84.04.030"Assessed value of property."
HTMLPDF 84.04.040"Assessment year," "fiscal year."
HTMLPDF 84.04.045"County auditor."
HTMLPDF 84.04.047"Department."
HTMLPDF 84.04.050"Householder."
HTMLPDF 84.04.055"Legal description."
HTMLPDF 84.04.060"Money," "moneys."
HTMLPDF 84.04.065Number and gender.
HTMLPDF 84.04.070"Oath," "swear."
HTMLPDF 84.04.075"Person."
HTMLPDF 84.04.080"Personal property."
HTMLPDF 84.04.090"Real property."
HTMLPDF 84.04.095Classification of components of irrigation systems.
HTMLPDF 84.04.100"Tax" and derivatives.
HTMLPDF 84.04.120"Taxing district."
HTMLPDF 84.04.130"Tract," "lot," etc.
HTMLPDF 84.04.140"Regular property taxes," "regular property tax levies."
HTMLPDF 84.04.150"Computer software" and related terms.
HTMLPDF 84.04.900ConstructionTitle applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.