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Department of revenue to administerChapters enforced by liquor control board.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1873-S2.SL) ***
The administration of this and chapters 82.04 through 82.27 RCW of this title is vested in the department of revenue which shall prescribe forms and rules of procedure for the determination of the taxable status of any person, for the making of returns and for the ascertainment, assessment and collection of taxes and penalties imposed thereunder.
The department of revenue shall make and publish rules and regulations, not inconsistent therewith, necessary to enforce provisions of this chapter and chapters 82.02 through 82.23B and 82.27 RCW, and the *liquor control board shall make and publish rules necessary to enforce chapters 82.24 and 82.26 RCW, which shall have the same force and effect as if specifically included therein, unless declared invalid by the judgment of a court of record not appealed from.
The department may employ such clerks, specialists, and other assistants as are necessary. Salaries and compensation of such employees shall be fixed by the department and shall be charged to the proper appropriation for the department.
The department shall exercise general supervision of the collection of taxes and, in the discharge of such duty, may institute and prosecute such suits or proceedings in the courts as may be necessary and proper.
[ 1997 c 420 § 9; 1983 c 3 § 222; 1975 1st ex.s. c 278 § 90; 1961 c 15 § 82.32.300. Prior: 1935 c 180 § 208, part; RRS § 8370-208, part.]


*Reviser's note: The "state liquor control board" was renamed the "state liquor and cannabis board" by 2015 c 70 § 3.
ConstructionSeverability1975 1st ex.s. c 278: See notes following RCW 11.08.160.
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